About Student Unions

As well as national support services, your student union (or staff/student support) can help you if you have been subjected to harassment, stalking, violence or sexual assault as well as directing you to local support services and refuges near your institution.

Who in my institution should I contact for support?

If you are seeking support for harassment, stalking, violence or sexual assault, your student union (or staff/student support) will be able to help you. If your institution has a Student Advice Service, they will be able to direct you to the most relevant person or service. Alternatively contact the Welfare Officer, Women’s Officer or President of your Student Union. They will be able to help.

How do I find details of my student union?

Click here to find details of your student union and find out how they can help you.

If your university or college is not a member of the NUS, browse your institution’s website to find the student union section or try searching for the name of your institution followed by ‘student union’ in Google.

What is a student union?

Student unions exist to improve students’ experience of university. This involves advancing the quality of education and social welfare of its members, both collectively and individually, by providing them with representation, services, support and by campaigning on their behalf. As a student in further or higher education (college or university), you are automatically a member of your student union.

For more information about student unions, view the Students’ Unions section on the NUS website by clicking here.

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