Rights & Reporting

This section of the website provides information about your legal rights if you have experienced rape/ sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, physical violence (not from an intimate partner) or domestic violence/ abuse form an intimate partner. You can also find information and advice about reporting you experiences to your institution and/or the police.

This section will answer the following questions:

The Law

What are my legal rights in relation to:

Rape/sexual assault?
Domestic violence/ abuse form an intimate partner?
Physical violence (except abuse form an intimate partner)?
Sexual Harassment?


What were the Hidden Marks survey findings on women students’ reporting of stalking, violence and sexual assault?
Should I report the incident(s) to my institution?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of reporting an incident to the police?
What happens when you report an offence to the police?
How do I contact the police?
What kind of treatment can I expect from the police?
Can I report an incident anonymously?

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