If you have experienced one or more of the types of violence listed below, click on the relevant links for information about support available to you.

Rape and sexual assault – being subjected to any of the following without consent: sexual intercourse, penetration with an object, sexual contact or attempted sexual intercourse

Domestic violence/ abuse from an intimate partner – experiencing threatening behaviour, violence or abuse (psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional) from a current or former intimate partner or family member

NOTE: domestic violence may entail all four of the other types of violence listed

Physical violence (where the perpetrator is not an intimate partner) – being hit or being physically mistreated in any other way

Stalking being subjected to repeated and obsessive behaviours such as repeated following or communicating, causing fear, alarm or distress

Sexual Harassment being subjected to unwelcome behaviour of a sexual nature including unwanted sexual comments, exposure of sexual organs and groping

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